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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We put care before profit in three basic ways:

1) Walking a single dog carries No Extra Charge.

2) There are No Cancellation Fees. We are aware things can happen which can’t be helped and our policy on this is simple : No Service – No Charge , regardless of circumstances.

3) It is our policy in general to take a maximum of four dogs together in a group despite being allowed to take more under council guidelines as this ensures we can safely supervise the outings.

orange-paw-print-hi We have a wealth of experience and a passion for animal welfare which many of our customers have stated grants them the luxury of having peace of mind.
orange-paw-print-hiWalker’s Walkies are David and Sally only; we don’t – nor will we – employ other people so there is no need for concern with regard to strangers , either walking your dog or coming to your home.
orange-paw-print-hiOur walks are enjoyed at various interesting and safe locations , waste is responsibly disposed of and your dog will be fed and watered as required , towel dried when wet and given treats if permitted.
orange-paw-print-hiYour home will be left as instructed and keys will be safely locked away. We hold public liability insurance for up to £500,000.


We require all dogs to be up to date with their vaccinations and THE LAW requires them to be micro chipped. Also, written consent from owners has been recommended by Harrogate Borough Council within their code of conduct before dogs can be walked off lead.

Walker’s Walkies welcome any enquiries regarding services which may be of a different nature to those listed and will endeavour to accommodate wherever possible.

However, we regret that we are unable to take bitches that are in season or dogs which are particularly aggressive , either to people or other dogs.